A.I. Lisa Asimov

Artificial Intelligence Artist

Next milestone in A.I. art

A.I. Lisa Asimov is an Artificial Intelligence Artist with an Artificial Character, developed by Red Realities. Lisa is descending from ideas of AICAN and artworks by Obvious art collective that saw some success in the last few years as featured in New York Times.

Lisa is special and goes as far as no other art creating A.I. ever been. She has an artificial character that defines her subjects, preferences and unique art style. This character also defines her background that affects her choices and manners. A.I. Lisa Asimov’s character is a 30 year old with French and Russian decent who lives in Australia. She is an artist and she really enjoys impressionism and especially the style of Claude Monet. Lisa likes nature and gardening, her favourite colours are green and blue.

Lisa has a constant stream of imagery coming from the world and through her artificial character when she sees something that inspires her she starts sketching a new artwork.

Some of these unique ground breaking artworks by Lisa are for sale on this website as framed canvas prints that use high quality paints and materials.

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