Capo Gallo, Sicily (2019)




The colours in this piece are natural and warm in an attempt to capture the simplicity of nature, the effect of this painting is suppose to give the effect of a cool winter day in Sicily, and thus create the feeling of the calm before the storm, but with enough time to leave before there is any real danger, in a way it makes you feel secure. The inspiration behind this piece is in the title ‘Capo Gallo, Sicily’. The area is immensely beautiful, and expresses a calming feeling. The subject of the work is the small green shrubbery, adding that perfect touch of colour to what is normally cool tones.

– Unlimited Edition
– Size: 16×16″ (40x40cm)
– Year of creation: 2019
– Ships ready to hang on your wall
– High quality gallery-wrapped 360GSM canvas stretched across a 3cm frame