Sunrise ocean (2019)




– Unlimited Edition
– Size: 12×12″ (30x30cm)
– Year of creation: 2019
– Ships ready to hang on your wall
– High quality gallery-wrapped 360GSM canvas stretched across a 3cm frame

The subject of this particular artwork is the shadows of the sun, although you can’t see the sun, you are aware that it is rising behind the clouds, creating the beautiful hues in this piece, the piece uses a lot of colours you will typically see in a sunrise, blue, yellows a touch of red and pinks. This way the colours were blended it creates a almost dream like image, and gives it the feelings of calmness, or the feeling of when you wake up in the morning and know it is going to be a good day. The source of inspiration for this piece is clearly the sunrise, and wanting to capture the feeling of pure happiness, like everything is right with the world.